Why Is Maintenance And Repair Of Stone Masonry Important?

Masonry Repair Information

Repairing masonry helps maintain the beautiful aesthetic value that stone and brick add to your buildings, but it also can preserve the structural integrity of the individual materials and the entire building itself. Properly maintaining these materials can greatly reduce the natural decay, and help your masonry to retain its strength and longevity which makes it such a great material to work with and utilize. Repairing masonry regularly helps your structures, fireplaces, chimneys, and other features of masonry continue to be durable and hold up against natural elements like moisture and freezing water. DeMarco specializes in commercial and residential craftsmanship including masonry, metal roofing, chimney repair, restoration of historic buildings, and more. For more information or a quote on a project reach out to DeMarco today.

Repairing Sooner Than Later

Because masonry buildings require occasional repairs, any damage left without the necessary repairs will quickly result in further decay. Staying on top of repairs will greatly improve the lifespan and help maintain the integrity of the stone, brick, mortar, etc. while it seems counterintuitive to have more frequent repairs it will save you money in the long term by avoiding widespread masonry restoration on your building. Putting off a necessary masonry repair only makes the eventual repair more extensive. When mortar begins to show signs that it is in need of repair it is important to have a masonry services company start the project sooner than later as moisture will first impact the mortar before inevitably causing damage to the bricks in your masonry structures. If you believe that your stone, brick, mortar, or concrete building has suffered any sort of damage to our office, we can provide you with an estimate for any projects you have in mind and as soon as you’re ready we can begin the repairing process.

Signs your Masonry Requires Repair

Understanding the signs to know when it’s time for a masonry repair can help you avoid small cracks turning into large projects. Bricks are a great material that can last many decades when taken care of and treated properly, however it is crucial to look for signs of decay and have a professional fix any damage and provide any further masonry services necessary to maintain integrity of your brick building. The bricks will show signs of damage through chips and cracks commonly known as spalling. The mortar may begin crumbling and pieces falling off your structure. If your building hasn’t been inspected by a professional in the last twelve months we encourage you to reach out to have a masonry contractor come and provide an inspection of your fireplace, brick surface, chimney, or any other brick and mortar building on your property.

Can you Fix Spalling?

Spalling is a term used to describe when bricks have started to deteriorate. Typically the first sign of spalling is when there are visual signs of degrading on the brick surface. When the structure of the bricks are flaking, cracking, crumbling, or chipping away this is an important sign it is time to have a professional look at your brickwork to determine if a repair or restoration is necessary for the building. Spalling often occurs when the bricks aren’t sealed or require resealing and moisture is able to get into the bricks and cause decay. Excess moisture can get trapped inside the bricks of a structure and as the outdoor temperature freezes and warms up damage is done to the bricks by expanding and decreasing. This sort of decay is fixable with simple masonry repair technique and applying a fresh sealer to act as a barrier between the masonry building and the outside elements.

Masonry Restoration Verses Masonry Repair

The main distinguishing difference between a masonry repair and masonry restoration is the intensity of the job. The process is somewhat similar between the two services, however projects will turn into restoration jobs when the materials can no longer be repaired and need replacing. The goal of masonry restoration is to bring the brick, mortar, stone, or other masonry materials back to their original design so they appear both new while maintaining their original aesthetic and appearance.

The Goals of Restoration

Because of this the process of masonry restoration is typically more intensive and will focus on larger scale restoration rather than repairs of small areas or sections. Masonry can last many decades, but over time still may need more extensive care than a simple repair can handle. Repairs are necessary to uphold the integrity and visual appeal of historic masonry, however after many decades older, historic buildings can benefit greatly from restoration.

Stone, Brick, and Mortar Resealing

One of the most crucial maintenance services for brickwork is resealing. Applying a sealing to your masonry structure is one of the best ways to increase the overall lifespan and stop unnecessary decay from occurring. Seals prevent damage occurring during the cold Ohio winters and during the warmer months which bring an excess of rain and moisture. Long term exposure to the natural elements can penetrate the bricks mortar and get inside. Mold, rot, and mildew can all cause the structure of the materials to break down over time and will weaken the materials and cause them to chip, crack, and break apart. Sealers are excellent at creating a barrier between the materials and outdoor elements, but they do not last forever. If you haven’t had your masonry sealed in the last twelve months, reach out for more information and to schedule a resealing appointment with one of our professional masons.

Repairing Brick Chimneys

DeMarco Incorporated offers repair services for masonry chimneys including repairs for general wear and tear to fix mortar that has begun to erode and could cause structural weakening. We offer flashing repair to stop water leaks from entering into the roof of the building, and offering a sealing service to make sure your chimney is sealed properly and not letting moisture seep into the bricks. General maintenance and repair for a masonry chimney is important to avoid any possible dangerous structural issues that can occur with erosion overtime.

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Hiring a professional masonry contractor guarantees quality repair, maintenance, or restorations for your stone or brick building, fireplace, chimney, entryway arch, or any other masonry repair needed. We hold our work to a high standard and don’t offer quick fix solutions like pinning or pointing because we know that these methods aren’t sustainable and don’t last. We offer masonry services, repairs, and masonry restoration that with proper maintenance will stand the test of time. Brick, mortar, stone, and other masonry materials have a very long lifespan and if properly repaired and maintained should meet all your expectations. Request a quote today and get more information on how the DeMarco masonry team can make sure your buildings are strong and maintain their long lasting durability.

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