Key Differences Between Residential And Commercial Roofing

The Design of Roofs

Roofing design changes pretty significantly between commercial and residential roofing projects. A commercial project is likely to cost a lot more and require additional planning for roof features that aren’t necessary for a residential building. While residential roofs are likely to have features like skylights, vents, chimneys, and more, these are installed differently in commercial roofs. Commercial roofs often have systems installed on the roof like HVAC systems, plumbing, networking, and antennas. Because of this the design and the construction of a commercial roof are different. One of the main differences in a commercial roof is that it doesn’t have a sloped roof, which would make it difficult to install and access these systems. Commercial roofs typically have a flat design to house all of these systems while also allowing repair and maintenance technicians easy and quick access. Commercial roofing also may require unique permits, supervision, on-site managers, and more.

Difference Between Roof Slopes

The slope of a roof differs between commercial and residential roof construction based on the needs of the building. A slope, or pitch, refers to the angle of the roof. Residential roofs typically have a steeper pitch which protects the home by allowing water to drain off it efficiently. A commercial roof tends to be larger and commonly has a completely flat roof or a very slight pitch. Commercial roofs are designed this way to allow easy access to ventilation, HVAC, and more. Commercial roofs are also often much taller than roofs for residential properties, which means a steep slope would be dangerous for anyone working on a commercial roof. A flat roof is safer for technicians and reduces the costs of maintenance.

Roofing Materials

The main difference when choosing roofing materials for residential and commercial properties is the type of design used. Other factors involved will be the overall cost of the roofing, and what weather conditions the roof will undergo. When working with a professional roofing company like DeMarco, we will use our years of roofing expertise to determine the most suitable materials for the design of your commercial or residential roof. A commercial building that has a flat roof will require different materials than a high-sloped residential property. These commercial roofs will likely have a membrane, gravel, tar, or one of the other many protective roofing systems made for commercial buildings with a flat top. A residential roof with a standard slope has many more options for roofing materials and can be made with asphalt shingles, metal roofing panels, tile, slake, ceramic, wood, and more.

The Differences in Roofing Installations

Commercial roofing projects are without a doubt more intensive and time-consuming. These roofing projects typically require more roofers working on the commercial site in order to finish the project on time. Roofs for commercial properties are often much larger than roofs for residential properties, which also increases the time it takes to complete the roofing project. Residential roofs are much smaller projects that typically can be completed in just a few days by one roofing contractor. Residential roofing requires less intense safety measures when the building roofs are only one or two stories high. With a commercial building, the overall cost will be higher due to safety measures, commercial-grade equipment, and more. Most of the tools necessary for residential roofing work are standard tools any roofing professional would own.

Planning for Commercial Roof Installation

The planning stage for commercial roofing projects requires significantly more detail. Roofs for commercial buildings are a much more extensive project that is time-consuming and requires more roofing materials. The safety factors alone for a commercial project require intricate preparation. Roofing projects for commercial buildings may require additional permits, cranes, specialized equipment, and more. The scope of a roofing project like this can be dangerous if not managed by someone who has a solid background in commercial roofing. When having roofs installed on commercial buildings it is imperative you work with a professional roofing company who has roofing experience and understands the importance of proper planning and execution of commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing Repairs

DeMarco Inc. is based in Central Ohio and has been providing roofing services for our customers and community for over 3 decades. We provide standard roofing repairs, chimney repairs, and masonry repairs. Before we begin roofing repairs we are able to complete an inspection to be sure that no necessary maintenance is missed. Contact our offices today to learn more about our repair services.

Weather Conditions and Roofing Construction

When constructing a commercial roof one has to take into account the local weather. This includes extreme conditions like storms and blizzards but also includes intense rain and extreme temperatures. Many commercial buildings have asphalt roofs because it is not only a durable, waterproof membrane, but it easily expands and contract in high heat and freezing temperatures. Extreme fluctuations in temperature will not cause the structure of the roof to warp. Residential buildings don’t have as much risk as taller commercial buildings and have more flexibility on what materials can be used. Asphalt shingles remain the most popular material for residential roofs because of their price point and durability.

Emergency Repairs of Commercial Roofs

When it comes to commercial repairs it’s important to work with a professional commercial roofing company. A commercial building is a massive investment, and issues with the roofing maintenance can cause leaks and other issues to grow into very serious problems. There is always some risk involved in commercial roofing, but the risk is larger when emergency repairs have to be made on a tall commercial property. With the potential for severe weather at hanging, you never know if a storm can cause damage to a roof’s structure. We provide an emergency repair service for businesses and commercial properties in the event they need a rapid response team to handle storm damage. Our team of roofing professionals can inspect the damage, create a plan, and provide emergency repairs for your commercial business.

Roof Inspections – Commercial Properties

Wind, storms, blizzards, and other regularly occurring events can cause damage to commercial property. With DeMarco’s commercial inspection services, we will send a contractor out to your property to do an in-depth inspection. Once the contractor has a grasp on the full scope of the damage they can create a plan to handle the repairs. Inspections for commercial properties should take place somewhat regularly to ensure no leaks or any other types of damage have occurred. While not every repair is an emergency situation DeMarco works hard to handle your repairs in a timely manner while maintaining detailed work. If it has been more than 6 months since your last roofing inspection, reach out to our offices today to schedule an inspection of your property.

DeMarco Inc. Commercial Services

DeMarco has over 3 decades of professional contracting experience under our toolbelt. In that time we have created an excellent staff of highly skilled roofing contractors. Commercial roofing is intense work that requires both skilled labor and detailed knowledge. We provide high-quality roofing solutions for our clients to ensure their commercial properties are safe and that their roofs are professionally maintained. Across Central Ohio DeMarco has commercial and residential roofs that we have installed, maintained, and kept in excellent condition for many years. We are proud to offer our services to the greater Columbus, Ohio community. If you’re in search of a commercial roofing contractor for new construction, repairs, standard maintenance, or any other roofing services, reach out to the DeMarco offices today.

Additional Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

DeMarco Inc. offers many roofing and masonry services including roof repair, roof replacement, new roof construction, box gutter repair, masonry repair, chimney repairs, and historic building restoration.

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