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What causes metal roofs to leak?

Leaky Metal Roof?
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While metal roofs offer a ton of benefits, an aging metal roof can lead to leaks. If this happens, contact DeMarco Roofing. We’ll perform an evaluation to identify the cause of the leak and mend your Columbus roof to create a leak-free surface.

What Causes Metal Roofs to Leak?

Standing seam metal roofs are built by placing metal panels together and securing them with screws. Metal roofs have seams, and as buildings settle and move, roofs can start to leak at the seams. Improperly installed screws and flashing or low-quality sealants may also allow water to seep through the seam. Fortunately, we can fix your commercial roofing to prevent future leaks and prepare it to protect your building for years to come.

Metal Roofing Repair Services in Columbus
Roof Repair Vs Replacement

Metal Roofing Repair Services in Columbus

Repairing a leaking or damaged roof can help extend its life and make sure your building is properly shielded from the elements. Our roof repair services in Columbus, Ohio start with a visual inspection and evaluation along with a quote, so you know what to expect. To identify areas of the roofing that contain trapped moisture or are leaking, we use infrared thermographic imaging. With trouble areas identified, we perform any necessary repairs and patch your metal roofing. To help prevent future leaks, we’ll also seal your metal roof with a durable silicone coating.

Roof Repair Vs. Replacement

How do you know if you need roof repair or replacement? While some roofs may need to be replaced, repairs will typically do the trick. Metal roofing failures often only occur in less than 10% of the total roofing area, so replacing the whole roof isn’t always necessary. Roof repair work is typically a less expensive solution and can help extend the life of your standing seam roofing. An evaluation will help determine whether repairing or replacing your roofing is the best option. Additionally, the IRS classifies roofing repairs as a maintenance item, meaning repairing your roof rather than replacing it is a tax-deductible operating expense.

Roof repair work can also increase your roof’s energy efficiency. The coating we use helps keep warm air from escaping your building during the winter and reflects sun during the summer to help keep your building cool. This reduction in energy consumption saves your business money.

Protect Your Ohio Roofing with Silicone Roof Coating

We use APOC coating to seal your standing seam roofing and protect your Columbus commercial building from the elements. This durable silicone coating creates a flexible, seamless membrane that stays intact as your building settles and as the metal roofing panels expand and contract with changing temperatures. It’s easy to maintain and can even reduce your annual roofing maintenance costs.

About Our Roof Coating Solutions

After performing an evaluation and completing any necessary metal roofing repairs, we spray silicone coating over the surface to lock out moisture and prevent future leaks. The white coating also forms a reflective layer that moves heat away from the metal roofing, reduces heat transfer to your building and helps keep your building nice and cool. In addition to creating a more comfortable work environment, this coating reduces energy consumption and lowers your energy costs.

About Our Roof Coating Solutions
Extend the Life of Metal Roofing

Extend the Life of Metal Roofing

Silicone coating provides a number of benefits for your roofing and your business. Roofing restoration can make your metal roofing last several years longer than a tear off/roof replacement. Regular maintenance and repairs can further extend the life of your metal roofing, helping you delay costly replacements. An evaluation will determine which repairs and type of coating are necessary.

The coating’s ability to reflect heat helps prevent your roofing from deteriorating due to extended heat and UV exposure. Not only does this contribute to a longer life for your roof, it reduces heat transfer to your building, providing a more comfortable temperature for your employees and saving your business money in energy costs.

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When your metal roof is in need of repair, you can count on DeMarco to return it to quality condition. As a leader in the commercial roofing industry, we have spent over 30 years installing, repairing and maintaining roofs for businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our expert roofers have the knowledge, skills and experience to identify the issues with your roof and provide the proper solutions to ensure your repaired roof is durable and cost efficient. DeMarco offers a variety of specialized products and services, exceptional customer service, and we’re proud to hold an A rating as an Accredited Better Business Bureau company. Whether you need a roof for a new construction project or repairs on an existing roof, contact us today for an evaluation and quote.

The DeMarco Difference



DeMarco works safely. All supervisors carry OSHA 30 cards. All employees carry OSHA 10 hour cards. DeMarco’s Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp published Experience Modifier Rating is 0.79.



DeMarco is licensed both as a Roofing Contractor and as a General Contractor and pull the required permits for projects.

Jobs People Won't Do

Jobs People Won’t Do

We love a challenge. At DeMarco we embrace projects that are logistically difficult, time constrained, and complex. With our breadth of experience and “can-do” attitude we make the extraordinary routine.



DeMarco’s work is graded so highly by the manufacturer’s inspectors coupled with our long-term performance give them the confidence to provide our customers with 20, 25, and 30 year “No Dollar Limit” manufacturer’s warranties.

Quality and Workmanship

Quality and Workmanship

We use our own crews not subcontractors. The owners of the company are involved in every project from start to finish. We are exacting, demanding, and we deliver. High quality workmanship and attention to the details are what distinguish DeMarco. Our customers are loyal because we do it right the first time!

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Hear what our clients have to say about our work:

Ian M.

“We had DeMarco Roofing replace the roof, gutters and HVAC at our commercial building. The crew was top notch and the service is on point. I highly recommend them for your commercial building needs.”

Robert D.

“Our building is 39yrs old with a metal pitched roof. DeMarco removed the old repairs down to the metal and and then used new materials. Their attention to detail and taking the time to do the job right makes the difference. We will use DeMarco for any future repairs.”

Robin B.

“DeMarco replaced our commercial roof which had many obstacles like a water tower, boiler system, gas lines and crumbling mortar and brick. They handled it with ease, and communicated with me every step of the way. I’m glad to say that we established a long-term relationship with them!”

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