Emergency Roof Repairs: Urgent Issues On Commercial Roofs

Emergency Roof Repair Service

Commercial Roof Repair

Depending on the severity, damage to your roofing can cause a business to come to an immediate halt and can cause high risk safety issues. Unfortunately the severe weather that sometimes hits Central Ohio throughout the year occasionally causes property damage with both home roofs and commercial roofs. With DeMarco’s emergency roof repair service we offer a rapid response to assess and fix damage that has occurred to a commercial roof. With commercial buildings the safety of employees and customers is vital and mishandling roofing problems can lead to bigger problems.

Skilled Professional Roofing Contractors

Our professional contractors can visit the property quickly to determine the caliber of damage done to the roof and provide an estimate and timeframe for urgent roofing repairs. To have a roofing contractor visit your commercial property and begin the process of your emergency roof repair contact the DeMarco Inc. office today. The construction services offered by DeMarco Inc. provide high quality solutions for your commercial property and roofing

Solving Roofing Problems for 30 Years

DeMarco Inc. has spent over 30 years developing our intricate knowledge of roofing both through construction and repairs. We have tackled endless roofing issues from emergency repairs to providing professional roof analysts. While we handle both commercial roofing and residential roofing, we have accomplished a long list of professional roofing constructions and maintenance projects that we are deeply proud of. Each roof repair is handled with thorough and detailed care from the roofing inspection to the final walkthrough. Our emergency roof repair service is available to new and existing clients.

Commercial Roof Inspection Service

After a storm, tornado, or other damage causing event it can be difficult to tell the full extent of the damage on your commercial roof. Roofing emergencies can vary widely, but depending on the damage can easily be a safety hazard for employees and customers inside your building. DeMarco Inc. provides fast response services for roofing emergencies to make sure business owners can have their roof repairs done quickly and have any problems resolved allowing them return to business as normal. In the event there is uncertainty over the extent of the repairs DeMarco Inc. provides a roof inspection service of commercial roofs. We will look over your roof looking for issues that need emergency repairs and determine the level of urgency the repairs are.

Roof Repairs & Insurance Claims

As a Central Ohio based roofing company we have encountered countless roofs that have accrued damage from weather events such as a blizzard or heavy storm and understand the problems that can arrive with insurance claims. We will provide professional documentation of our roofing inspection with our expecting roofing opinion on the damages. In the event that your business needs to file insurance claims our office will be able to provide documentation on the damage accrued. We understand business and commercial property management and handle emergencies, roofing problems and insurance claims with professionalism and true urgency.

Leak & Storm Damage

Utilizing infrared thermographic imaging we are able to locate water leaks quickly and prevent them from causing further damage. A water leak can quickly spread causing property damage and require emergency attention and repairs. We understand the urgency of serious roofing emergencies and will respond rapidly to calls for emergency repairs. If your property has suffered water damage from a storm or you have a roofing emergency, reach out to your local emergency roofing experts today.

Certified Roofing Experts

Our quality of work is backed by our roofing installation certifications and the many roofs we have worked on are displayed across the city. As a professional roofing company in Columbus we see jobs of many sizes and calibers. We have experience dealing with drainage problems, rotted wood, rooftop cell phone towers, perforated roof membranes, and many more intricate issues that can arise when dealing with a commercial roof.

Additional DeMarco Inc. Services

DeMarco Inc. has provided services to Central Ohio for over three decades and continues to expand our professional roofing services. We provide extensive roofing services such as roof repairs, roof maintenance, roof analysis, roof replacements, curb installation, masonry repair, building restorations, and more. We are proud to provide roofing services for commercial properties across the city for both small business and national business locations.

New Commercial Roof Construction

With our comprehensive roof construction service, DeMarco Inc. handles a wide variety of commercial construction. We provide these services to ensure that all aspects of our client’s commercial property are handled with professionalism and care. We have built relationships with commercial service companies in the Columbus area and work with many businesses to provide the best quality roofing craftsmanship the city has to offer. As a Certified Master Installer of many roof systems we have the experience to handle new commercial roofing and re-roof projects of all calibers.

Re-Roofing Commercial Buildings

Re-roofs provide an additional layer over an existing roof. This process can work exceptionally well for a commercial building in some cases. There are varying factors at play whether a re-roof would be the best option for your property’s roof, but re-roofs are always cheaper than a full roof replacement. The additional layer on your commercial building’s roofing essentially reinforces the existing roof providing additional strength and stability.

Roof Analysis: Identifying Roofing Issues

Our professional roofing analysis services give us a deeper insight on potential urgent issues, weakened materials, crucial maintenance, water damage, safety hazards, and damage to the roofing materials that would otherwise go unseen.

Roof Damage Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a crucial step to taking care of any commercial building to minimize additional damage elsewhere. When well maintained many commercial roofing systems can last decades. Damage on your building’s roofing can lead to additional issues that may require emergency repair. DeMarco Inc. provides roofing maintenance of all kinds which saves clients money and time over decades. To learn more about our roof maintenance service or contact us about emergency roof repairs call us today!

Roofing Curb Installation

Modifications to rooftop curbs are often necessary when upgrading HVAC, adding solar panels, or installing other rooftop systems. This is done to prevent issues from occurring which could potentially damage your roofing materials later on. Whether you’re installing an elevator or have cell phone antennas installed on your roof proper maintenance is only possible with correct curb modifications.

Masonry Repair Services

Because masonry is more vulnerable to deterioration our professional masonry repair services are offered to prepare and restore home and commercial masonry. Our professional contractors restore problems with brick and concrete correcting mistakes to prevent unnecessary future damage. DeMarco Inc. handles masonry repairs from storm collars to brick chimneys and more.

Additional Roofing Services

DeMarco Inc. believes in providing the best professional roofing services to get each job done correctly in order to prevent unnecessary failure of a commercial roof. We offer masonry restoration, roofing sealing, concrete roofing repair, HVAC installation and maintenance, roofing construction, historic home restoration, and more. To learn about our emergency roof maintenance and roof repair services please reach out to our offices today.

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If you’re facing roofing issues and require emergency commercial roof repair, reach out to your local roofing experts today. DeMarco Inc. is proud to provide rapid response to roofing issues in Central Ohio and can handle any urgent issues you have on your property with regards to your roof. Get your roofing repairs started sooner than later to ensure your property doesn’t have any safety issues and your team can work safely.

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