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From churches to skyscrapers, we're setting the standard in commercial roofing.

From Churches to Skyscrapers, we’re setting the standard in Commercial Roofing.

With 30 years of experience, our passion to bring quality roofing services to the Central Ohio area has made us an industry leader in the commercial industry.

DeMarco currently provides specialized products and services for both your residential and commercial roofing needs, including historical restoration, box gutters, chimney repair, and general contracting. We incorporate a skilled labor force and knowledgeable leaders in the field to fulfill all our customer’s needs. Demarco proudly carries an A+ rating as an Accredited Better Business Bureau Company.

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New Roofs and Re-Roofs

Different buildings have different needs that determine which roofing material will work best. Whether you have a new building that needs a roof or an existing roof that needs repairs, our company has the materials and expertise to get the job done. DeMarco has 30 years of experience in low-slope roofing services and is a preferred installer of a variety of products.

For both new and replacement roofing projects, EPDM is the product preferred by architects, consultants and contractors. Whether you need to reflect solar energy or absorb it, EPDM is available in the appropriate color to do so.

TPO/PVC is an environment-friendly, recyclable material. It was designed to be extra durable and provides the best solar radiant heat reflection properties.

Especially beneficial for restaurants and industrial roofing purposes, KEE is a durable material that is highly resistant to grease and other chemical compounds.

Metal (standing seam) provides protection from the elements by raising seams above the roof and overlapping them. Lasting up to 50 years, it’s easy to maintain and offers high durability and solar heating protection.

If you’re experiencing a leaky roof, elastomeric can be an effective and affordable solution. It typically provides seamless application as well as lower cooling costs thanks to its reflective properties.

New Roofs and Re-Roofs
Curb Installation

Curb Installation

It’s important to protect the equipment on top of your building, and rooftop curbs are an effective way to do this. Whether you want to upgrade your rooftop chiller or HVAC equipment or add solar panels, DeMarco craftsmen can modify the curb size and structure as well as add flashing in order to protect your equipment, roof, and structure. Additionally, our company can help maximize the life of your roof by designing curbs and super-structures in a way that minimizes roof foot traffic.

Roof Analysis

When acquiring or investing in a building, it’s important to consider the roof’s current state and how long it’s expected to last. That’s why we provide services like roof surveys and core cuts to give a better understanding of what to expect with an existing roof. For example, we can use an infrared thermographic imaging device to locate leaks and get a closer look at the insulation’s condition.

In addition to inspecting and analyzing roofing systems, we have developed plans to manage roofing systems to help building owners and property asset managers properly budget capital needs. We have also developed roof maintenance and replacement plans for Columbus, Ohio organizations with multiple buildings. This helps minimize investment and avoid expensive damage.

Roof Analysis


A damaged roof can cause problems for other areas of your building. On the other hand, a quality commercial roof can last for decades. If it’s time for commercial roof repairs or replacements, you can trust that DeMarco is the right company for these services.

Before repairs begin, we conduct an inspection and analysis. This process includes using thermal imaging to gain insight into the condition of insulation and locate leaks, making core cuts to determine the condition of the roof and its layovers, and a third-party visual inspection of your roof. We can also help you properly maintain your roof and potentially extend its lifetime.

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For more than 30 years, DeMarco has brought quality roofing services to Columbus, Ohio. Our skilled labor force completes commercial, construction, and maintenance projects with knowledge and care. We’re proud of the work we do and of our role as a leader in the commercial roofing industry. Contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

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